Vision is a Huge Part of Learning

No one is surprised that vision has a huge impact on learning. Optometrists tell us that 80% of learning is visual. That’s a big number, for sure! But you may not realize that learning includes basic life skills like walking and talking.

Healthy eyesight isn’t just important for school-aged kids; it’s important for toddlers and even babies.

Kids Need Eye Exams More Often Than You Think

Your kids should have their first eye exam when they’re roughly 6 months old. According to the AOA, a child’s next exam should come between the 3-year and the 5-year mark. Once they’re in school, kids should have an eye exam every year.

Remember, this schedule is designed for low-visual-risk kids. Your optometrist may recommend more frequent eye exams depending on your child. Make sure you listen to and follow your optometrist’s recommendations.


Specialized Services for Kids


Myopia Control

Myopia is a fancy medical term for nearsightedness. More and more kids are developing myopia at younger ages than ever before. And when myopia develops in kids, it tends to get progressively worse as they get older.

Myopia control uses different methods to both correct a child’s vision, and prevent their nearsightedness from getting significantly worse before they hit adulthood.

Read more about myopia control.


Vision Therapy

Sometimes, kids can ace a standard eye exam but still struggle with seeing clearly and comfortably. Lots of kids suffer from undiagnosed vision issues that can’t be fixed with standard glasses or contact lenses.

We can go beyond just diagnosing these sort of issues; we can treat them through vision therapy. Using exercises, games, and appliances, we can train a child’s eyes and brain to work together, the way they’re supposed to. Vision therapy is designed to empower people to get the most out of their visual system.

Read more about vision therapy.

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