Progressive Lenses

Not All Progressives are created Equal !!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things that separate crisp/clear vision from average vision with Progressive Lenses?
  • The TYPE of Progressive. The Kodak Unique HD is the best digital (free-form) Progressive on the market. It has the widest computer and reading area.
  • Material- The hi-index (thin) lenses give the best vision, with the least amount of distortion.
  • Anti-reflective Coating- Increases Visual acuity by 11 % and blocks glare from headlights.
  • Always have an additional pair of Polarized Sunglass Progressives to protect your internal eye health from Cataracts and Macular Degeneration (UV rays), and make sure that the prescriptions on both pairs of lenses match, so when you switch between them your sight will be seamless. Transitions do not get dark enough in the car.
  • Make every work day easier by using an “Office Progressive”, so you can easily transition from your computer to your work station without any distortion. Progressives are “Situational Lenses” and can be tailored to each individual patient’s specific needs!
What Are Progressive Lenses?

Most of us will develop a certain kind of farsightedness called presbyopia as we get older. But if you’re also nearsighted, that can make life more than a little bit tricky.

Progressive lenses offer correction for reading, computer use, and distance all in one, without the obvious line that you see on bifocals. The lens gradually changes from one corrective power to the next without looking any different than a standard single-vision lens.

Learn more about progressive lenses.

Kodak Redefines Progressive Lenses

Kodak’s progressive lenses are the very best on the market today. These incredible multifocals have the widest field of view, giving you the most expansive and clear vision at all distances.

Learn more about Kodak’s progressive lenses.

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